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    Missed Enrollment? How Texans Can Secure Health Insurance Mid-Year

    Posted by Kevin Hall on Mar 11, 2024 10:45:28 AM

    Imagine you're Heather, a self-employed graphic designer from Odessa, Texas. You've been juggling clients, deadlines, and your own creative projects like a pro. But amidst the hustle, you've just discovered that your COBRA benefits have run out and you forgot to enroll for a health plan during the ACA Open Enrollment period before the end of the year. Spring break with the kids is upon you and you aren't sure what the health insurance companies have available for you and the children.

    Now that open enrollment is a distant memory, you're left wondering what your options are with the loss of coverage looming. This scenario isn't just stressful; it's a reality for many self-employed Texans today. Facing big unexpected medical costs without health insurance coverage can be a financial nightmare. What can Texans like Heather do to navigate this challenge and secure peace of mind with the benefits of health coverage options tailored for situations like Heather finds herself in today.

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    Importance of Health Insurance Coverage

    Health coverage isn't just a safety net; it's a lifeline to access necessary medical care without facing crippling out-of-pocket costs. For self-employed Texans who do not have access to an employer-funded group health plan, the significance of this protection cannot be overstated. Without essential coverage, a single health emergency can lead to devastating financial consequences. Beyond the immediate access to medical care, having a current plan for health care serves as a shield against the high costs associated with treatment and procedures. However, the ACA Exchange has set specified enrollment opportunities to ensure fairness and prevent denial of coverage based on medical history. Without year-round enrollment available, it leaves many Texans wondering about their options for enrollment in health insurance outside these windows. Fortunately, there is good news for Heather and you!

    Explanation of Open Enrollment Period

    Before we talk about special enrollment events, let's focus on regular Open Enrollment. November and December each year is a critical time for individuals to secure health insurance without the fear of being denied due to pre-existing conditions. This period, established by the Affordable Care Act, aims to give everyone the chance to obtain the coverage they need for the upcoming calendar year. It has helped millions of Americans secure options for coverage, regardless of health status, that was not available prior to the marketplace coverage coming online in 2014. Unfortunately, outside of this two month window of time, options can seem limited or non-existent. This heightens the anxiety for Texans like Heather, who find themselves in need of medical coverage mid-year.

    Special Enrollment Periods

    Since your life doesn't always operate on a schedule, there are provisions for that in the health insurance world. Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) are designed for life's unexpected turns—marriage, birth of a child, a move to a new city, or other specified life events that can all qualify you for an SEP. However, the window for applying is tight. You have a 60-day special enrollment period when that life change happens. But remember, not all life changes are eligible, making it imperative to understand the specifics of these special enrollment opportunities and the qualifying events that trigger them. Working with a health insurance expert can make sure that you are fitting inside the guidelines and obtaining the ACA-qualified individual health insurance policy that you may need.

    Missed the Enrollment Boat? How Texans Can Secure Health Insurance Mid-Year

    Health Insurance Options Available Any Time

    Despite the constraints of open enrollment and SEPs, there are alternative options for coverage available year-round. Short-Term Health Plans, Private Plans, and Catastrophic Health Insurance are just a few of the avenues Texans can explore. While there are other options available, we have found these three specific options to be the most beneficial in terms of coverage for people and the quality of plans. Each of these individual plans comes with its own set of considerations, such as exclusions for pre-existing conditions and coverage limitations, making it important to weigh these options carefully. If you are a pregnant woman or have people with disabilities in your family it is vitally important to understand how those items are covered. Let's look at the main three options.

    Short-Term Medical Plans

    Short-Term health insurance plans offer a bridge for those like Heather, providing temporary coverage until the next enrollment period or a life event qualifies them for an special enrollment opportunity. While these plans are not intended as a long-term solution, they can offer immediate relief for those caught in coverage gaps for a period of time. However, their time-limited nature and coverage restrictions make them a patch rather than a permanent fix. It's also important to consider their potential of limited benefits for pregnancy or chronic conditions that you may have. There are many short term plan options, some of which can provide substantial cost savings. But understanding the terms and conditions is important.

    Private Health Insurance Plans

    For those seeking more comprehensive coverage options, private health insurance plans offer a variety of benefits and flexibility. These plans are generally not ACA-Compliant plans and can have greater flexibility in how they offer essential benefits and benefit maximums. This means that your plan can be tailored to meet specific goals, but also means that you may have to pay cash for essential health benefits like an annual exam. Choosing the right plan requires careful consideration of your health needs and financial situation, and being mindful of any lifetime limits to benefits attached to these plans.

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    Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan

    Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans are tailored for the healthy individual who primarily seeks protection against major medical expenses. Since these plans do not cover most day to day primary care needs, they can be a great low-cost health coverage option. While these plans can be an affordable option, providing a safety net for critical illnesses or accidents while allowing for the pairing with cash pay primary care services.

    Many Texans are now leveraging Direct Primary Care or Concierge doctors are finding great benefit from these catastrophic plans. Being able to cover cancer treatments or high cost accidents that involve hospitalization makes them a great partner to that type of care. We also work with many younger individuals and families who simply do not go to the doctor very frequently and find them to be a great alternative to marketplace coverage. 

    Getting Coverage Right Now

    Even if you're outside of the typical enrollment periods and don't qualify for a special enrollment opportunity, there are still avenues to secure enrollment in health insurance. Insurance companies have created these options and are not reliant on your household income levels, dependent status, or are subject to health exchange updates. Choosing one of these current health plans allows you to take control of how your family receives the health care that you want and need. Working with an independent health insurance agent can open doors to options you might not have considered, focusing on more than just the price to find a plan that truly meets your needs without the interference of the federal government.

    Working With Insurance For Texans To Get Coverage

    Insurance For Texans specializes in helping families like Heather's navigate the complex landscape of health insurance. Our focus is on finding the coverage that matches the unique needs of each Texan family, ensuring that you're covered when life throws you a curveball. With our guidance, securing a health insurance plan that fits your life is not just possible—it's a reality.

    For Texans caught off guard by the need for health insurance mid-year, there are options. From Short-Term Policies to Catastrophic Coverage, the path to peace of mind is within reach. Let's ensure that unexpected medical needs don't turn into financial crises. Click The Button Below To Navigate Your Mid-Year Health Coverage Options in Texas! With TRUE Texas Health Insurance and a partner like Insurance For Texans, securing your health coverage is not just a necessity; it's a smart decision for your future.


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