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    My Tree Fell On My Neighbor's House in Grapevine

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Aug 27, 2020 8:31:19 AM

    Texas-sized storms really get things moving around D/FW. You've witnessed these tree-shaking, limb-breaking, uplifting-trampoline-staking storms firsthand, no doubt. 

    Unfortunately, a lot of the trees planted in front and in back and on the side of many of the homes in the area in the last 20 years are not native to Texas. 

    They were never meant to stand up to the Texas windstorms. 

    Tree toppling happens and then Insurance For Texans gets questions like:


    Who is responsible for clean up and repairs if my tree fell on my neighbor's house?
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    This is more straight forward than you might think in regard to your Grapevine Home Insurance policy

    It's a question about liability of the damage. And though a neighbor that has a tree lodged on their house due to no desire of their own may not like it, the damage occurred on their property and they may be liable for the insurance claim that will need to occur to clean/repair. 

    Liability Defined

    Nobody controls a Texas storm. They blow in when they want and how they want, just like your buddy with refrigerator privileges. 

    Let's talk about what you control. 

    Trees that are well taken care of uprooting out of the soil during a storm is not one of them. You are not negligent here.

    At the same time, a rotting tree becoming the world's largest javelin will be a different story. You didn't take care of this tree and it made it more possible it would uproot during the storm. Expect the liability to fall on you.

    Life Insurance For Texans

    With Liability Defined, Who Pays?

    Texas home insurance will put the responsibility of paying on the liable party every time.

    If you are liable for the tree uprooting, your insurance pays for the clean up/repair. If not, the neighbor's home insurance policy will pay. 

    This doesn't mean you don't be a good neighbor. Help whether you are liable or not. This makes the backyard BBQ a lot easier to navigate. Maybe even go full Texan and do something great like offer to split the deductible. 

    We know you may have questions about this and other matters of Texas home insurance. We answer those questions. As local, independent insurance agents, we work for you and not the big corporation putting their name on a stadium. 

    Your peace of mind is the only game in town in our book. 


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