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    Time to Detox Your Home Insurance

    Posted by Chris Howard on Dec 31, 2021 12:56:57 PM


    New Year's resolutions usually involve plans to change our lives for the better. Whether you want to eat healthier or spend less, people use the new year as a fresh-start opportunity to achieve their goals in many different ways.


    With your home as one of your greatest assets, why not resolve to make certain it is protected as much as possible? 


    Deducing Your Deductible


    Landing on the right homeowner's insurance deductible amount can prove challenging. Comfort with both paying out-of-pocket in case the worst happens while maintaining the ability to pay the regular premium takes striking the right balance. 


    High-deductible plans may have lower premiums but it also means paying out more during a time of inconvenience. 


    You might be able to save some money overall by increasing the premium you pay while decreasing the deductible amount for common damage like wind/hail. 


    Know Your Stuff


    Homeowners (and renters) insurance is there to protect you from covered losses. At the same time, this protection falls within the limits of your policy, which you’ll become familiar with sooner or later if something happens unexpectedly. 


    Compensation for loss coincides with your ability to maintain records of your household goods, especially those expensive gifts like jewelry or art pieces. 


    At the time of loss, you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket to replace your goods. Working with your independent insurance agent to schedule or itemize your belongings will help you have the proper coverage in the form of replacement. 


    Get Under the Umbrella


    When you need insurance for more than what your homeowner's policy covers, think about getting an extra layer of protection with an umbrella policy. This type provides financial help in case anything goes wrong beyond what’s covered by basic liability coverages. You can use it as needed without worrying about going over budget. It reduces the risk of not having enough funds available when disaster strikes.


    The first thing to know about coverage is that it can be boiled down into 3 broad categories: 


    Bodily injury liability covers the cost of injuries sustained by another person and may include medical bills or even legal claims from an event happening on your property


    Property damage liability protects you from financial loss resulting from any tangible property owned by yourself being damaged/lost 


    Other personal liability helps cover other actions a policyholder can be sued for, e.g., slander, libel, false arrest, and mental anguish


    Compared to other policies that protect your assets, like homeowners insurance and commercial insurance, you’ll find an umbrella policy provides a lot of protection for a considerably low premium. 


    At Insurance For Texans, we realize you have choices, not just when it comes to resolutions, but for your insurance needs. 


    Our resolution this year is to make sure you know the benefits of partnering with an independent insurance agent and why we believe we offer the best Texas home insurance


    True Texas home insurance makes you feel bullet-proof knowing you, your interests, and your loved ones are properly covered regardless of what life throws at you. 


    We’re here to help. 


    Stay covered, Texas.

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