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    Who Has The Best Rates On Homeowners Insurance in Grapevine?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jun 10, 2020 9:03:56 PM

    Searching for homeowners insurance companies in Grapevine usually equals people looking for the best rates. 

    Price usually brings people to the door, even agents who are looking for their own insurance. 

    No matter if we live north, east, west or south in the Metroplex, we are all in search for the better rate, and asking who has them is a question without a single answer. 

    It gets a bit more complicated depending on what kind of home you have.

    New Construction

    Brand new homes usually have the lowest prices for homeowners insurance across the Texas market.


    New homes don't have a high likelihood of things breaking, therefore low probability of causing a claim.

    Although Texas hail is still a concern, the rest of the home is a usually a win for insurance companies to insure. 

    We have a lot of options from companies you may not have heard about since they don't spend a lot on marketing to put their name in lights. 

    Older Homes

    If you own a home that is 25 years or older, if you haven't made significant upgrades to plumbing, electric, HVAC and roof, you may find yourself with a home that is difficult to insure. 

    The price will cost more to insure than on a newer home. 

    Don't worry, we have a lot of great carrier options who will want to insure your home when other carriers balk. 

    Some of the larger carriers we deal with, e.g., Travelers, Nationwide and Encompass will be easier to insure you with although regional and smaller carriers may pass. 

    Out-of-Town Homes

    Because we like our space in Texas, many Texans have the opportunity to live on some acreage outside of the city limits. This is what makes our state great. We certainly have a lot of wide open spaces.

    One challenge regarding insuring that place in the open, fire hydrants and departments aren't close and carriers don't like that. 

    However, Insurance for Texans does have access to personal farm and ranch policies that fill the gap. 

    If you enjoy living off the beaten path, at least you'll have a carrier that doesn't mind that risk. 

    High Value Homes Require Insurance With Specific Companies

    High Value Homes

    As a homeowner takes on a home worth a million dollars or more, there are different needs and wants to consider. You will want an insurance carrier that understands how to properly protect high value homes. Carriers like Chubb, AIG and Nationwide Private Client understand this market and needs. We work with these companies to make this experience as good as possible for high value home owning clientele. 

    Stranger Homes

    If you have a unique home, coverage can get difficult. What is strange? 

    Anything from a diving board on a pool, peacocks on property, to even running a business from your home. 

    Carriers usually surcharge for these situations. However, if you have access to a specialized company (we do), you won't have issue when it comes to filing a claim. 

    Who to Use?

    Working with an independent insurance agent like Insurance For Texans can make a huge difference when it comes to finding a great carrier to work with for your insurance needs. 

    Your home is usually your largest investment and you want to protect it properly. When it comes to claim time, you want a carrier which will do the right thing and pay properly to bring you back to even. 

    We want that for you and for us. Good experiences are great for our industry. 

    Let's talk today and make sure your bases are covered. 

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