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    Common Discounts On North Texas Home Insuance

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Mar 29, 2019 10:23:59 AM

    When folks start shopping for their Ft Worth Home Insurance, one of the first things that they worry about is price. Which always begs the question of what kind of discounts are available. Insurance For Texans is an independent insurance agent with access to dozens of companies, which all use different discounts. However, there are typically common discounts that most of the companies use to varying degrees. Here's a look at the five most commonly applied discounts in our office.What are the biggest discounts on my home insurance?

    1. Age Of Roof - This is hail country and roofs have a tendency to need to be replaced. The insurance companies realize that the newer the materials, the less susceptible to damage the roof will be from smaller sized pieces of hail. No roof is going to stand up to baseball size hail and walk away unharmed. But not having to pay claims due to smaller pea sized hail can save a lot of money. Therefore, the insurance companies will reward you with a lower premium if that roof is brand new!
    2. Credit Score - This one is often not talked about by agents, but the vast majority of major home insurance companies use credit scoring in the premium determination process. Keeping your score up will help keep your premium down! Paying the bills on time will make a huge difference.
    3. Early Shopping - Do you do things at the last minute? Insurance companies reward you for acting early. It may not seem like a big deal, but the companies have analyzed loads of data to determine that more claims are called in if you are needing your insurance to be in force today. It's called anti-selection in the industry. As a result, you are offered a discount for shopping a week or more in advance.
    4. Professions - Actuaries are the smart folks that determine how much you should pay for coverage based a myriad of factors. They have determined that certain professions are less likely to have a claim. Take an engineer for instance. They see the world a little bit differently, and that includes doing things like preventative maintenance around the home. As a result, they can see lower premiums. Insurance companies also like to say thanks to military/veterans and first responders for the sacrifices that they make. This is a great thing.
    5. Bundling - This is the one that everyone seems to know about. The companies want all of your business, not just some so that they can diversify their risk with you. You aren't likely to lose everything at once. As a result, they offer substantial discounts for having your home, car, and umbrella all together in one place. Some will give additional discounts for Life insurance as well! While we do offer companies that only do home insurance, we will always try to use this discount to your advantage.

    Insurance For Texans agents work for youOur goal at Insurance for Texans is to get you the best coverage at the best price. Since we work for you, the homeowner, and not some large insurance company we will strive to find the combination of discounts that get you the best situation to fit your needs. If you haven't reviewed your coverage in a few years, today is a great time to determine if you're in a good spot. Let one of our professional agents help you with that.

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