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How Does A Local Agent Help With Claims

No Texan wants to use their insurance. It means something negative has happened in their life. The best insurance that we can provide to you is the kind you never use. That's because it means you have had nothing bad happen to you or your family. But the reality is that most folks at some point, have to make a claim against their insurance. It today's Home Insurance Tip, we look at why having a local agent is a great thing come claim time!

How Does A Local Agent Help WIth The Claim Process

Do You Wonder If Something Is Actually Covered?

When discussing Burleson Home Insurance and claims are involved, the conversation can get complicated. Did the water come from inside or outside your home? Is the roof totaled? Do you have coverage for an overflowing toilet? Does this meet my deductible level? These are questions that our independent insurance agents deal with daily. Being able to ask your local agent can make a world of difference. Let's look at why!

When you call a 1-800 number to ask a question about a claim, it is common practice for that company to record that as a claim on your account. This goes against your CLUE Report and can affect your premium at renewal and even your ability to change companies if you so desire. Just because you asked a question. But what happens if you call your local agent?

When you speak with your local agent at Insurance For Texans, you can pose that question without impact to your CLUE Report. The agent can ask the companies claim department on your behalf anonymously so that you can get an answer and the insurance company never knowing it's you. Along with that, due to experience with previous claims the agent will be able to give insight directly on a claim situation or involve a professional from another trade, like a roofer, to get an inspection done of any potential damage. And finally, if there is a need to file a claim the local agent can help you monitor the situation and escalate any delays or issues that you might encounter as part of the claim process.

Many people never consider these kinds of ramifications when considering how they buy their insurance. Having an advocate on your side who is local to you and can make a world of difference long term to you overall financial health. Let us show you how we can benefit you and your family today. Click the blue button below to get started with that.

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