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Texas Home Insurance Tip - Service Line Coverage

Many Texas Home Insurance policies come with optional coverage. This can include things like Seepage & Leakage, Sewer and Drain Back-Up, and Extended Replacement Cost. One optional coverage that is beginning to pop up more and more is called Service Line Coverage. We've had many questions about what it is and is not when talking to homeowners about their Burleson Home Insurance Policy. So we thought we would spell it out.

Home Insurance Tip - Service Line Coverage

What Is Service Line Coverage?

Service Lines are defined as the pipes that service your home between the foundation and the main in the street. These pipes generally bring fresh water into your home and take the nasty sewer stuff away. Since they are outside the foundation of your home, they are not typically covered under your standard home insurance policy. The problem for the Ft Worth homeowner is that they are going to be repaired by the City either. The city's responsibility stops at the main and your home insurance doesn't pick up until we get to the foundation. So how can I protect this against loss or repair? Service Line Coverage!

This optional coverage can be added to a home insurance policy to allow you to make the repairs or replacements to these pipes if they become damaged or impacted. This portion of your policy will often come with it's own deductible that can make repairs inexpensive to you the home owner. This great news if your older clay pipe has a tree root through it or if your cast iron pipe collapses. Newer homes with less mature trees and other greenery can still see the need for this coverage as well.

How Do I Get It?

Given the newer nature of Service Line coverage, many homeowners are not aware of it's possibility. The great news is that it has become an inexpensive addition to policies that can enhance the comprehensive coverage that Texans are looking for in their home insurance. If you would like to explore this coverage, speak with one of the Independent Insurance Agents at Insurance For Texans today. Our professionally trained agents are ready to do a review with you today. Click the button below to get started!

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