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    What Should I Do After a Hailstorm in Grapevine?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on May 2, 2020 4:08:02 PM

    Spring is here. Baseball, wildflowers and seasonal allergies are upon us. 

    Out of the south, winds will gather steam, giant clouds will dominate the skies and give birth to every insurance agents worst nightmare . . . hailstorms like you wouldn't believe. 

    Are we being dramatic? To a degree, but that doesn't nullify that we at Insurance For Texans have helped a myriad of homeowners with claims based on hail damage done to their home. 

    In fact, we've seen this enough to even advise what not do after a hailstorm. Let's take a look at best practice when the airborne ice-rocks come falling and calling. 

    Hail Size By Tape

    1. Do not, under any circumstances, ever, ever, ever think about letting a roofer file a claim on your behalf

    If there was a cardinal rule to hail claims, this is it. Most roofers have one goal in mind, MAKE MONEY. Your claim history matters not. Work does. Who pays the consequences if the claim is denied because a roofing claim was not warranted? You.

    2. Only work with roofers who have a good reputation of doing things by the book and steer clear from those promising to pay your deductible or to trust them to make a claim. Any guy named Chuck can put a sign on his truck and mean bad luck faster than a chicken can cluck and make you say what the heck when he runs off with your deposit money. Only reputable roofers. We can't say this enough. 

    3. Just because you hear the hail falling doesn't automatically mean "new roof". You need to have significant damage. How is this determined? By the number of hail strike markings within a square chalked on your roofing tiles. Adjusters don't deserve the bad rap they get most of the time. They aren't out to get you. They are looking for situations where roofing repair is necessary. Help them help you to properly assess by hiring a quality and REPUTABLE roofer to inspect. 

    4. Hail can make small problems turn into big problems, especially when it involves ceilings and water leaking through. Attic spaces, closets, decking - all of this can mask hidden damage and add up to a problem much larger than it seems. Water in hidden spots means the eventual forming of mold, and you don't want to add that remediation on top of other repairs. 

    5. A local independent insurance agent is great to know in times like this. Again, hailstorms keep us up at night but not for the reasons it does most of North Texas. We know the potential for claims coupled with the potential for denied claims because homeowners aren't informed before calling and making the claim. TALK TO US FIRST. We have answers on whether you should make a claim, how it would be settled if it is warranted and can even pass along information for the good guy contractors you would want to use for repair or replace. 

    If you want to understand your homeowners policy more than you have, we can help you. Whether it is a claim situation or general knowledge about your insurance, that's our specialty. We are in this mix daily and will be glad to advise. 

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