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What Does Insurance For Texans Offer?


Insurance For Texans is an independent insurance agency owned by Bear Foundation member Ron Wadley. Ron graduated in 1997 with a math education degree and has spent the last two decades working on all sides of insurance and financial services, the last few as an insurance agency owner. Headquartered in beautiful Colleyville in the heart of Dallas-Ft Worth, Ron makes the frequent trip back to Waco for both football and basketball games.

The team at Insurance For Texans can help protect you from loss for anything that you can dream up. Including your tailgate at McLane Stadium. That's how serious we are about protecting our fellow alumni and friends.

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Want to know what Insurance For Texans helps you cover besides Tailgates? Keep reading below

Commercial Insurance 

One of the great things about the Baylor network, is that it is full of business owners. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the community. We work with business owners across the state to protect their property and livelihood. Your concerns are the same as our's are, and we strive to help with that.

Insurance for Texans also understands that no two businesses are the same, as the size and scope can range from an individual working from home all the way up to large corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. We are an independent insurance agency so that we can better meet your needs in a comprehensive fashion.

Personal Lines Insurance

Bears come in a shapes, sizes, and stages of life. Your insurance needs at graduation won't look like your needs when your kids are walking across the Ferrell Center stage. Insurance For Texans works with many companies for things like home, auto, boat, and RV insurance so that we can help along the way in a relationship for you rather than a single transaction.

Our goal is to help you with life so that you can enjoy it. As your phases of life change, your risk appetite will as well. That's where having a relationship with someone you can trust become vitally important. Let our team of experts work with you to protect all that you've worked so hard to obtain from loss, so that you don't have to start over again.

Life And Health Insurance

Life insurance is a personal topic for Ron. Four years after graduating from Baylor, his dad obtained his heavenly reward way too early. Fortunately, his dad had planned ahead and the life insurance has enabled Ron's mom to live all of these years without worry. We all need to have that discussion and plan, and Ron can help you do it using technology. Don't wait until it's too late.

Health Insurance is a river that has become more and more difficult to navigate. As an independent agency, we work with many carriers and professionals to make sure that you, or your business, can be taken care of on this front. Let us help you find the solution to your health insurance needs.

 Investment Property Insurance

Real estate has been a path for many to long term wealth. We understand that process and how to both leverage it and protect it. Making sure you have proper protection for your first flip is different than purchasing your first multi-family. And rental units are different from that vacant lot that you build a spec home on at a later stage.

The great news for you is that we have access to the best and most competitive markets for all of the investment property you can find. Let our expert help you protect not only yourself, but your property from loss as you accumulate those properties that create generational wealth.

Flood Insurance For Texans

Over the last five years, Texas has seen some catastrophic flooding in concentrated areas. Harvey dumped unheard of rain on Houston and the Gulf Coast. Development in the Hill Country has increased flash flooding issues in places that have never flooded before. The concrete keeps pouring, and new homes and properties keep flooding.

Insurance For Texans can help you find protection for both your property and your possessions at the most economical prices. We have access to both the National Flood Insurance Program administered by the government along with Private Flood Insurance companies to give you an alternative option to your traditional one stop shop. Don't hesitate to see what we can do for you!

Specialty Insurance

Tailgating at McLane is awesome. Having someone drink too much at your tailgate and creating a problem for you is not. Insurance For Texans works with a company who can insure you and your fellow tailgaters from loss in that event. Liquor liability coverage is a real thing.

We also have the ability to help you with your wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, bike race, 5K, or other events. Our programs are specially designed to make sure that you and your participants are protected no matter what happens. Let us show you how to do this in a quick an easy fashion today.

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