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Why Is My Homeowners Insurance Only Replacing Part Of My Roof?

Now that we have seen most of the potential hail for the year, Insurance For Texans has been receiving a round of phone calls from homeowners wanting to either file or wrap up hail claims on their roofs. A trend that we have seen from the home insurance companies over the last few years is to do a partial roof replacement rather than an entire replacement. Which just seems wrong. As a result, we thought we would share why that is and how to fight against it!Why Is My Homeowners Insurance Only Replacing Part Of My Roof

Why Is There Only A Partial Replacement On My Roof?

As the hail claims have stacked in North Texas especially, the home insurance companies have looked for ways to reduce claim costs to make sure they don't lose their behinds. Seems like good business practice for them. One of the ways that they have done this started out as 50% replacement on roofs where only one side of the main slopes was damaged. This allowed them to keep the costs under control but also make sure that your damage was taken care of and future damage was prevented. Sounded like a win-win situation until Ft Worth Homeowners realized that they had a roof that was two different colors depending upon which direction you faced.

Since homeowners aren't really keen on a two-tone roof, they began to push the home insurance companies to do full replacements. Vague policy language on this front really created a rub between the insured and the company. As a result, several companies have started explicitly stating that they will only do partial replacements in these circumstances. In addition to that, they have started excluding the replacement of items associated with your roof claim that are cosmetic only!

Wait! Cosmetic Only? What does that mean?

Items associated with your roof like guttering can remain very functional while dented. The insurance companies have stated that guttering or siding that is dented without compromising the structural integrity of the item does not have to be replaced as part of a claim. That means your home may be stuck with dented gutters, siding, or soffit!

Make Sure Your Cosmetic Damaged Gutters Get Replaced

So How Do Texas Homeowners Fight This?

Fortunately for Texas homeowners you have options. As an independent insurance agent, we have policies which allow us to protect you against these scenarios of two-tone roofs or dented materials. The key is to make sure that your agent covers the endorsements that cover this activity. The companies with exclusionary language have endorsements available to guarantee the replacement of roof materials or soft items like siding or guttering. Our agents review current policies that come to us and see this vital coverage omitted to try and secure a lower premium. That small saving just isn't worth it when your shingle just don't match!

If you're worried about matching shingles or other gaps in your current Burleson home insurance policy, set a time to schedule a review with one of our agents. We work for you and not some big company. Click the button below to schedule a time.

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