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    When To Use Homeowners Insurance

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Feb 20, 2019 11:51:16 AM

    There are many calls into Insurance For Texas about potential claims on Burleson Home Insurance policies. Many Texans do not understand the difference between a home insurance policy and a home warranty. So with that in mind, we thought we would drop some key points to keep in mind using that killer home insurance policy you have from Insurance For Texans.


    Hail claims on older roofs are always controversial. Home owners want their roof replaced when it gets blown up by the monster thunderstorms that brew in North Texas. The reality is that due to elements, the roof on your house may just be worn out and not in need of a hail replacement. Insurance For Texans ALWAYS recommends having a quality roofer take a look prior to filing a claim. That way you can have an idea what to expect before you get an adjuster up on top of your house. The quality roofer will be able to determine if you need a full replacement or a repair. The should I use my home insurance policy on the repair comes down to an estimate. If you're repair is below your deductible, filing a claim is counter-productive.

    Refrigerator-Water-Line-Insurance-ClaimThings That Heat Or Move Water

    Water claims are the second largest groups of claims we deal with in Johnson County and Tarrant County after hail. And the great news is that a home insurance policy from Insurance For Texans will help you clean that up! However...replacing your water heater is considered a maintenance issue. That's on you. Just like the repair that pipe that burst. If you have water damage as a result of the water heater, burst pipe, or toilet bowl that broke, your home insurance policy will help you clean up your home. That is the perfect time to use your home insurance policy! Just don't be upset when they tell you to pay for that new water heater.

    Small Items That Come Up

    Home-Insurance-ClaimsInsurance for Texans is here to help guide a claim process for you. We can provide real time feedback to what ever it is you have going on. One of those times we often can help set expectations is when you have something come up at your home, that while important, doesn't have a great expense to repair and restore. If your potential claim is covered, but doesn't meet a deductible amount to completely repair, there is no claim to be made. You won't receive benefit from your company and will have a claim on your record. That means you will potentially be stuck paying a surcharge on your policy for no real benefit. A real life independent insurance agent can help you with that where a 1-800 number will just say thanks and record a claim.

    If you need help navigating the wide world of insurance in North Texas, let Insurance For Texans help you understand what you have today, what you need going forward, and how to obtain it.

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