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    Why Is My Dwelling Value Different Than My Home Value in Grapevine?

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jun 22, 2020 5:37:18 PM

    When quoting Grapevine home insurance, our agents at Insurance For Texans look to determine dwelling value first. 

    It's predictable. Homeowners often tell us the dwelling value we calculate must be wrong. 

    Why? The dwelling amount rarely equals the market value amount of their home. They are using Zillow or Realtor.com as their source of reference. 

    We are using reliable metrics grounded in actuarial science. 

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    The Big Three 

    1. Market Value - Think of market value as the amount of which you can sell your home at any given time. Of course you want this amount to be as high as possible if you are going to sell your home
    2. Appraisal Value - When the local tax appraisal district assigns this value to your home and property, you want it to be as low as possible to keep your tax bill manageable. This is a hot, controversial topic in Texas in recent years. That's not our topic today.

    3. Dwelling Value - If you suffer a total loss and need to rebuild, you will want enough coverage to do so. You will also want to be able to afford the deductible if this happens, so getting the right policy becomes most important. 

    There's not a one of these numbers that is not important. And, it is highly unlikely that they would equal each other. 

    Our job at Insurance For Texans is to protect. Whether it is you, your family, or any mortgagee interest in your home, if you suffer loss substantial enough to make a claim we want to provide coverage to help. 

    Unfortunately, home construction costs have shot through the roof (no pun intended) over the years and if you have to rebuild a single home, it will most likely cost you a lot more than it would to build a home in a developing sub-division. 

    As a local, independent insurance agent, we know how to assess the right amount of coverage you would need to rebuild your Grapevine home. 

    We will zero in on those key items involved in reconstruction and make sure you'll be able to rebuild while paying the right price for insurance.

    Let's talk today and make sure you're covered!

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