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    Hail No! Debunking 3 Common Myths Texas Homeowners Believe About Hail

    Posted by Ron Wadley on Jan 19, 2024 12:08:13 PM

    Hail falls all over Texas. That is not a surprise to any Texas homeowner. But some parts of the state deal with hail damage claims more than others, and Amarillo is no stranger to the need for hail repair on their home. An Amarillo homeowner named Stan recently had a huge wake up call as he worked through a hail claim with his insurance company. A vicious hail storm had swept through his neighborhood, and like many Texans, Stan believed his home was fully protected against such natural calamities. However, when the hail ceased and the damage was done, he realized his insurance knowledge was based on myths rather than facts as he worked with the insurance adjuster to determine how much money the home insurance company would pay out through his policy.

    This realization hit him hard, much like the hail that battered his home. Stan had a legitimate claim for hail damage, but he did not have the comprehensive coverage that he thought he did on his Amarillo home. Whether you live in Dallas-Ft Worth, Austin, or Amarillo, Stan's story is a stark reminder of the myths many Texas homeowners hold about hail damage and the importance of understanding the real scope of their insurance coverage.


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    Overview of Hail Storms in Texas

    Texas is no stranger to the wrath of Mother Nature, especially when it comes to hail storms. These natural phenomena occur with alarming frequency across the state, often leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. It is the most frequent claim for property damage in the state and it's not close. Hail storms in Texas can vary greatly in intensity, from small ice pellets to golf ball-sized hailstones that can cause significant damage to Texas homes. Understanding the frequency and potential damage of these storms is important for homeowners as they evaluate how their home insurance policy will respond. It's not just about the immediate aftermath; it's about being prepared for the hail damage insurance claims that  follow the storms. The impact of these storms on homes can be severe, and navigating the complexities of insurance claims for hail damage is a vital skill every Texas homeowner should possess.

    Three Common Myths About Hail Damage and Home Insurance

    The landscape of home insurance in Texas has evolved significantly over the last few years, leading to dramatic changes in coverage options available to homeowners. This shift has rendered some of the conventional wisdom about hail damage and insurance coverage obsolete. For Texas homeowners like Stan, it's essential to understand how modern home insurance policies address hail- damage repairs. There are numerous myths circulating about homeowners insurance and hail coverage in Texas. Let's dispel the top three myths that we hear at Insurance For Texans and provide clarity on how damage from hail events is actually covered on that home policy.

    Hail No! Debunking 3 Common Myths Texas Homeowners Believe About Hail

    Myth #1: Hail Only Affects Roofs

    A common misconception among homeowners is that hail damage is exclusively a roofing issue. However, the reality is far more extensive. Hail can cause significant damage to various parts of your property, including damage on cars, fences, air conditioners, windows, and siding. The impact of bits of hail is not limited to creating visible dings and dents from hail on objects; it can lead to more severe damage that affects the integrity and functionality of these structures. Property owners need to be aware that hail can affect more than just their roofs and prepare accordingly. Inspecting these other items for both major and minor hail dents will allow you to have some idea of what your roof actually looks like before a roofing contractor ever knocks on your door or does an inspection.

    Myth #2: Cosmetic Damage from Hail isn't a Big Deal

    Many homeowners tend to underestimate the significance of cosmetic damage caused by minor hail damage to things like gutters, downspouts, and soft materials like siding. This type of hail damage may seem superficial but can drastically affect a home's appearance and, subsequently, its market value. Neglecting such damage can also lead to further deterioration over time. Homeowners should note that insurance policies often exclude coverage for cosmetic damage, particularly to soft materials like siding, gutters, and vents. In the case of metal roofs, it's even more pronounced as they are almost never covered for mere cosmetic marring. This exclusion is critical to understand, as it directly impacts the decision to file a claim and the expected outcomes. But one thing is certain, don't ignore this type of hail damage as it can create bigger problems later!

    Myth #3: All Home Insurance Policies Fully Cover Hail Damage

    One of the most pervasive myths is that all home insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for hail damage. This assumption is far from the truth. Various factors, including coverage limits, deductibles, and policy specifics, greatly influence the extent of coverage for hail damage. These terms and conditions on hail damage insurance claims have been some of the biggest changes over the last 18 months in Texas. Especially in Coastal areas and the North Texas Metroplex.

    Homeowners often overlook details like actual cash value claim settlements, which can significantly reduce the payout during the claim process. Another critical aspect often missed is the policy's stance on requiring the matching of roof materials during a claim that requires a repair rather than a full roof replacement. The lack of such a requirement can affect the aesthetic and functional harmony of the repaired areas. I mean, Stan didn't want a two-tone roof! When evaluating your insurance policy, homeowners need to pay close attention to these details to ensure adequate coverage for hail damage repairs and replacement.

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    What Types Of Hail Damage May Not Be Covered By Standard Policies?

    Standard home insurance policies often come with certain limitations and exclusions, particularly regarding hail damage. We mentioned this in Myth #3 above. Homeowners may be surprised to find out that types of damage like cosmetic harm or partial roof damage are not always covered. The terms and conditions of these policies can vary, especially when it comes to the matching of roof materials during repairs specifically.

    The concept of a roof payment schedule is another area that requires attention. This massive push by insurance companies is just a sophisticated way of saying 'actual cash value'. This provision, which has been used by insurance agents and companies to keep premiums lower, can drastically reduce the payout for hail damage received from a claim. Ultimately, this was the policy provision that cost Stan thousands of dollars out of his pocket as his roof being seven years old reduced his payout by almost 50% during the claim process. Understanding these exclusions and limitations is essential for homeowners to gauge the true extent of their coverage.

    What Hail Coverages Should You Be Asking About?

    When facing property damage due to hail, homeowners should be well-versed in the various insurance coverages that apply. The biggest coverage items to ask about regarding the complexities for hail damage is going to include the following list.

    • Deductible Coverage - Is your deductible the lowest it can be for your area?
    • Replacement Cost Claim Settlement - Make sure that you have replacement cost rather than roof payment schedule.
    • Matching Of Siding & Roof Materials - This will be an endorsement if it's available at all. 

    Each type of coverage has its own specifics and implications for property damage for either minor or major hail events. If you're looking to save some money and trying to decide between a higher deductible or a roof payment schedule, always choose a higher deductible and a roof payment schedule. The savings will likely be similar, but the payout for hail damage will be significantly higher in most instances. Texas homeowners should work with someone who thoroughly understands these coverage types and their nuances to ensure they are adequately protected for comprehensive claims coverage.

    What Is TRUE Texas Home Insurance?

    TRUE Texas Home Insurance stands out as a tailored solution for Texans, specifically designed to address the unique challenges posed by hail coverage. This insurance option includes features such as replacement cost coverage, the lowest possible deductible, and the assurance of matching roof materials. Offered exclusively by Insurance For Texans, TRUE Texas Home Insurance caters to the specific needs of Texas homeowners, offering them peace of mind and comprehensive protection against the complexities of hail damage.

    How Can I Get TRUE Texas Home Insurance?

    TRUE Texas Home Insurance, a product specifically designed for Texas homeowners, is available exclusively through Insurance For Texans. Our agency collaborates with the top insurance companies in Texas, ensuring coverage that comprehensively addresses damage from severe weather events, including hail storms. Unlike many insurance providers, our independent agents are dedicated to serving the best interests of Texas homeowners, ensuring they receive the most suitable and comprehensive coverage for their needs.


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