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Restaurant Insurance Needs

Restaurant owners worry about many things. Insurance should not be one of them. Insurance For Texans understands the needs of restaurant owners from both a functional and risk mitigation stand...

What Exactly is Sewer Back Up?

When it comes to thinking about plumbing, the best thought is to not have to think about it at all. Why think about plumbing? It's simple, right? You want waste-water to travel in one direction,...

3 Ways To Screw Up Your Claim

One of the biggest questions that we get asked on a regular basis at Insurance For Texans, is "should I file a claim on this"? Our answer is always maybe, let's talk about it first.

6 Ways To Save On Commercial Insurance

We're human. We hunt, we gather, and we protect our interests, and we don't want it to cost a lot of time or money. We seek the best bargain possible without sacrificing protection. Unfortunately,...

5 Ways to Save Money On Home Insurance

When someone calls our office looking for Home Insurance in North Texas, I've never had a single individual tell me that they wanted to pay more for the same coverage. If you're out there, please...

5 Things Your Home Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know


Commercial Insurance

You run a business in Texas. That's awesome. But, what are you doing to protect it from catastrophe?

Will My Older Home Be Difficult to Insure?

Let's face it. Older homes often have benefits and a charm new homes can't recreate. Their location, size, and maturity of the neighborhood where they sit can drive the price up. Ever wonder why...

May Storms Can Expose Holes in Home Policies!

What happens to your home when the storms come? Spring storm season is upon us, and it can easily expose holes in both your home AND your home insurance. 

Why Use A Broker?


You are unique. So are your needs.

You, the consumer, are a very unique individual. As much as big companies would like to make you think you need what everyone else does, your situation is not...

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