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How Is The Dwelling Amount on Grapevine Home Insurance Calculated?

Dwelling amount is always the first line items Texans see when looking at their home insurance policy. 

This number can be confusing as it is often very different from their home's market value. 


Does My Grapevine Home Insurance Cover My Golf Cart?

Many people from other states have heard the sirens call of Texas, landing in parts all over the state where new construction has boomed in record number. 

They long for a more affordable use of...

Do I Still Buy This Grapevine Home If The Roof Needs Repair?

We help homeowners of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes with their home purchase process. That's one of the thing Insurance For Texans actually considers FUN. 

Consider it like a CarFax report for...

What Does Cosmetic Exclusion Mean on My Grapevine Home Insurance Policy?

As we see more hail damage here in North Texas, insurance companies have found new ways to decrease the cost of claims. They accomplish this through increasing deductible amounts, paying partial...

Is It Worth Filing A Claim on Your Grapevine Home?

At Insurance For Texans, we certainly handle a lot of questions revolving around uncertainty. It's fun for us because we are in the business of restoring certainty when uncertainty abounds. 


Does Home Insurance Cover A Car Crashing Into My Grapevine House

We see some stranger things here at Insurance For Texans.

It's not just the crazy Facebook memes that abound with video evidence of cars that careened into a home leaving the exterior curb appeal...

Does My Grapevine Homeowners Insurance Cover Items In Storage?

Self-storage units are plentiful in the DFW area.

So are the questions about what to do to insure them. 

We'll say it again, a good answer is . . . it depends. Insurance policies for your ...

My Tree Fell On My Neighbor's House in Grapevine

Texas-sized storms really get things moving around D/FW. You've witnessed these tree-shaking, limb-breaking, uplifting-trampoline-staking storms firsthand, no doubt. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the...

Can I Insure My Grapevine Home For More Than It's Worth?

We prepare a lot of insurance quotes here at Insurance For Texans and a lot of those are for Grapevine homes

How do we do this?

The first step is determine how much money it would take to...

My Trampoline Flew Into My Neighbor's House in Grapevine

The mark of a true Texan's backyard is no longer 12-acres, horses, and a dozen head of steer.

No, true Texans these days have more domesticated tastes in the form of:

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