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    My Austin Roofer Wants to Eat My Deductible

    Posted by Chris Howard on Nov 23, 2021 5:26:01 PM


    How Much Muck Could a Chuck in a Truck Chuck?

    When the hail and wind storms come, you can count on many roofers in Austin, Texas to head out to find business. The "Chuck in a Truck" roofer drives around neighborhoods looking for homes with roofs that need fixing. Sometimes, they come with a deal too good to be true. Take caution.

    If a roofer says they can help "eat the deductible" or any equivalent of not having to pay what you've contracted for with your insurance carrier . . . RUN (or close the door). This may sound like they are doing you a favor, but think again . . . would you as a business owner kiss $3K away each time you were promised a roofing job?

    No, neither do they. These roofers are inflating the cost of replacing your roof within the claim so that the insurance carrier pays for the cost of your wind/hail deductible. Yes, they have families to feed and expenses to take care of, but guess what? 


    Don't Do the Hustle

    A roofing company is inflating the cost of replacing your home's roof to make sure that you pay for it on the claim. They usually do this by claiming false damages.

    Do not let these hustlers take advantage of an already costly situation, leaving you open to criminal charges. 

    When it comes to your home, the insurance carrier is not a third party. You are part of this transaction and you must be cautious about committing fraud or else risk serious legal trouble that could reach well beyond any potential cost of deductible for a new roof.

    Make the Right Choice

    You have a choice when it comes to insurance agencies. You have a better choice when it comes to insurance brokers, especially when it comes to your unique needs living in Austin, Texas. Insurance For Texans grew out of a need for people to have better options when it comes to insurance coverage. We have access to all sorts of quality carriers specializing less in brand awareness and more about what matters, coverage for your people, your home, your assets, and ultimately, you. We have all kinds of solutions, and value is what we look to provide. 

    If you are in Austin, we have you covered. 

    You'll find in us a brokerage that knows what it means to have TRUE TEXAS HOME INSURANCE. 


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